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Date sent: 2021/05/04 05:53:15
As a casual and formal women's apparel store catering to the 20 - 30 age group you are known for offering an exclusive range with great customer service in your area. Having started out a a way to make a career out of a hobby, most of your current clients are friends and family who are aware of and like your designs. You want to expand but also retain your special boutique offer of exclusive ranges with great service. This strategy shows how to not only grow your business but also grow your reputation for great customer service! Identify who is your customer? Now it's time for you to expand your customer base by marketing your line to college students and office goers within a predefined radius around your store. What is the best thing I can do for that customer? Remove the monotony from fashion; provide a personal service that "matches" your exclusive range of affordable designs with the customer. How are you going to do it? You are going to create the GlamFam club of your customers. Members of the club will be segmented into categories based on their fashion choices (e.g. Student casual, office smart, office casual, etc), their age group and sizes (regular, large, extra large). Then you can send specific emails to each category that are relevant, welcomed, will be opened and acted upon! Send an email to your existing customers or invite customers when they come into your shop to join the GlamFam Club and complete the questionnaire. Provide an incentive such as an entry into a monthly draw for those who do so. Send a direct mail to colleges and offices nearby with the same incentive when they register online as a GlamFam member. To each category send customized offers, fashion tips and walk-in deals that specifically suit those members. You can also tie-up with related industries such as make-up latest mailing database artists or hairdressers in order to cross-promote your brand. For instance, a purchase at your store entitles them to special discount at the salon and vice versa.

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